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David Rose Physiotherapy provides up to date, hands on, and continuation of care physiotherapy.

Pilates is instructed by Clara Rose , a Studio Pilates International instructor. 

We offer the latest in physiotherapy and medical science addressing muscular, joint, and nerve pain. 


- When you book for physiotherapy you will be guaranteed to see David the principle physiotherapist. 

- We live locally and therefore are here for continued care. We aren't going anywhere!

- Doctor of Physiotherapy means procedures are backed by medical science. 

- Surgery prevention - recent medical science is indicating that carefully directed exercises and conservative treatment can in some conditions eliminate the need for surgery. An example is the use of arthroscopy to treat degenerative damage to the cartilages of the knee.  In a recent study in Norway ( https://doi.org/10.1136/bmj.i3740 ) surgery showed no benefit over Physiotherapy at the 3 months and 2 year reviews. In addition, the people in the Physiotherapy group had greater thigh strength than those who had surgery when assessed at 3 months. The study did not assess strength at 2 years. 

- Pilates classes are instructed and fun. Your personal ailment is addressed. The Pilates style is therapeutic more than sweatout. 

Our mission:

We know how effective correctly executed Physiotherapy and Pilates can be and how close you can be to a happier life because we have experienced it ourselves and have been blown away by its rapid results. We want you to feel and move 10 years  younger. David is 40 and has returned his body to his 20s with his physiotherapy and exercise methods. We want to bring this to you.