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David Rose Physiotherapy and Pilates provides thorough hands on physiotherapy as a stand alone or as adjunct to the perfect Pilates program for you.

We offer the latest in physiotherapy, and closely instructed pilates classes. We strongly believe this is a great recipe for your success whatever your goal.

Clara and I have put extensive knowledge and effort into crafting our Pilates into 4 main areas, Pre/Postnatal,  fitness (weight loss and  muscle stimulation), rehabilitation, as well as general Pilates.

When you book for physiotherapy you will be guaranteed to see David the principle physiotherapist. 

We know how effective correctly executed Physiotherapy and Pilates can be and how close you can be to a happier life because we have experienced it ourselves and have been blown away by its rapid results. We want to bring this to you.




which is a high intensity yet safe fitness health and weightloss workout. 

If you have ever wondered what the best workout is these days with the most health benefits THIS IS IT! These are going to be very affordable so no excuses!