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Doctor of Physiotherapy

As an athlete I was really struggling with so many injuries. I had knee problems back problems Hip problems. I was constantly tearing muscles. I had disc bulges. And it was recommended to me to do Pilates as rehabilitation.

I was feeling more connected and stable straightaway. I was absolutely amazed at what it did for my body. I was getting stronger and more flexible, my injuries disappeared, and all the aches and pains and tightness went away and have not come back.

I was taught core stability by one of the gurus in the field, I studied it during my physiotherapy studies, i’ve taught it for years and my Pilates studio in Brisbane and now here in Adelaide.

And I’m sharing my love of Pilates with everybody else. is very important  to me to show other people that you don’t need to live with aches and pains you don’t need to put up with injuries, as I have learnt first hand.
It’s all about keeping peoples bodies supple strong and pain free.

Sometimes the body needs a little hands on help though, so that Pilates can begin and be effective faster, and I find some physiotherapy intervention is needed before or during people doing Pilates for it to be most effective.

When I did athletics at one stage I couldn’t run without my hamstrings pulling every time, even though I was flexible enough to do the splits. I had triggerpoints all through my glutes and releasing them with dry needles fixed it straight away. This chronic injury was just gone in a few needling sessions. I was able to run flat out a week later with no tightness.

The combination of physiotherapy and Pilates is enough for most people to improve their health and life dramatically. I introduced my wife Clara to Pilates for her health and fitness goals and she has become an instructor. Our clients are so grateful for the results we get them, it is the most rewarding job for us to do. what we are all about is sharing health and fitness and helping people get the results that they need. body, reduce injuries, and have great posture and vitality.