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Dry Needling

Often people experience excellent pain reduction and muscle release with dry needling when other treatment methods have failed.
When I did athletics at one stage I couldn’t run without my hamstrings pulling every time, even though I was flexible enough to do the splits. I had triggerpoints all through my glutes and releasing them with dry needles fixed it straight away. This chronic injury was just gone in a few needling sessions. I was able to run flat out a week later with no tightness. It’s that effective!

Is it painful?

  • No
  • No needle pricking feeling.
  • You will experience muscles released instantly with a twitch sensation which can be strange at first but people begin to embrace it.
  • You will not feel anything at all with the needle penetration through normal healthy muscle tissue.

Is it dangerous?

  • not when executed by a qualified technician with adequate anatomy knowledge.
  • minimal risks and much safer than an injection.

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If dry needling is your most effective treatment method then it can be beneficial to increase/spread the number of treatment sessions.
We offer medical benefits only or discounted sessions for drive needling patients so we can spread the treatment over more sessions to increase its affectiveness with maximum comfort.

  1. Book a physio assessment
  2. Enquire about dry needling sessions and your assessment will decide if it is the appropriate course of action for you.